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Ancient Theatre
Built in the early 2nd century A.D. by the Roman Emperor Traianus (98-117), the theatre was one of the most important public buildings in Trimontium, remarkable with its architectural impressiveness and splendour. The Ancient Theatre seated 5 to 7 thousand. The stage itself was decorated with ornaments, cornices and statues.
It was unearthed in 1968-79 in a Plovdiv Archaeological Museum work site. The amphitheatre featured 28 carved stone rows of which 20 remained intact.
Now within the limits of the Ancient Plovdiv Reserve, the theatre fits its ensemble as the most emblematic venue of the uninterrupted culture and historical succession ever accomplished in the Three Hills City.
Revived for a new life, it is an attractive intellectual centre of the city, where the modern culture interacts with the intransitive values of the past.

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