I dare to express my admiration for working with him and his team

Mvir Cleaning UKSearching about 2 years and working with other different companies, I thank the fate that a year ago it made a meeting with Borislav Arapchev and his company Idea Studio Ltd. As a client of this company and personally acquainted with Borislav, I dare to express my admiration for working with him and his team.

Borislav is an outstanding person and a professional, a person who always and quickly responds to any of my questions or problems.

The niche in which we work is extremely competitive and difficult, but it achieves improvements every day. I am sure we will continue to be successful.

From the heart, I recommend to every beginning or started business to turn to the services of Idea Studio and Borislav Arapchev.

You will not regret!

Thank you, Boris, and greet the whole team. You are awesome!


Simeon Krachunov
Mvir Cleaning UK



I am astonished and so much grateful!

The amazing guys form Idea Studio ended my month of suffering, solving a problem with online shop, writing in hours a special code which did a thing bigger and fatter companies would tell could not be created to work. I am astonished and so much grateful, and they did it in the most gracious and helpful and friendly way. Thank you, guys!

A very, very, very grateful customer

Experience and performance guarantee that “Idea Studio” Ltd. deserves the trust of prospective customers

Spine Center Hospital  JSC
Sofia, p.o.box 1408, “Nikola Obrazopisov” N 12, str., phone 00359 2 9170950


Reference by Spine Center Hospital JSC

With this reference we express our gratitude to the team of “Idea Studio” Ltd. for their professionalism in SEO optimization.

During the period of joint work team of the company carried out many activities that contribute to the optimization of the website “Hospital – Spinal Centre” JSC.

From the start of workflow today we get from the team of “Idea Studio” Ltd. professional and competent assistance.

Experience and performance guarantee that “Idea Studio” Ltd. deserves the trust of prospective customers.


Sofia city

Desislava Lyubenova


Spine Center Hospital






I would advise people to trust him

Marys Cleaning Services London
Marys Cleaning Services London

We have the opportunity to work with a team of Idea Studio Ltd and especially Mr. Borislav Arapchev. He is considered an expert in SEO, the presence of his conferences attest to the fact that he is very good at what he does.

The fact that you will learn something in the process is just and added bonus. We are pleased to work together.
He is respected in the industry as someone who understands how an entrepreneur thinks and what an entrepreneur needs to be successful. We understand correctly that our business is in a very difficult and competitive niche, but we believe that together we will succeed.
I really enjoyed the fact that he agreed to work together and that he really wants people to succeed regardless of their own success. It really impressed me and I would advise people to trust him.
Best wishes,
Marys Cleaning Services London

Thank you letter to Idea Studio

Team of Valantin 2012 Ltd would like to express a gratitude to the Idea Studio .

Since 2011, working with Borislav Arapchev in various projects, I can say only one thing:
– Idea Studio are real professionals
– Idea Studio are responsive
– Idea Studio know what they do

Nowadays, there are fewer people with experience , especially with professional skills in their field . I’m glad I came across this in the face of Borislav
Arapchev. Excellent results came – we did not assume that all this is possible! Thank you , Bobby !

Date: 26.04.2014


Nicola Minkov

Owner of Valantin 2012 Ltd

Will certainly continue to work with you

marulka-logoRecently working with Borislav Arapchev but unhesitatingly recommend it to you as a professional and as a person. Besides being a very loyal partner, he is a proven professional with a stable image and successful projects.

Communications are easy and enjoyable.
Will certainly continue to work with Bobby and our other projects because the results come quickly and professionally.

Sonya Atanasova


Very good practical SEO Solutions

Simeon Mitev
Simeon Mitev


Rather than work with SEO specialist Borislav Arapchev /IDEA STUDIO/ and I am very pleased with his professionalism. Given my business as a consultant specializing in close renting and leasing warehouse space mean that Borislav very quickly dive  into the nature of my business. There was a very good program and practical SEO solutions that have helped me greatly in business. I trusted him .

Trust this professional.

I wish good luck Borislav and his team.

Simeon Mitev
Chance-96 agency manager
Stores and Warehouses For Rent

I am very pleased with the great services and accuracy

Build on time UK
Build on time UK

Mr. Arapchev has been providing our company with advertising services for quite some time.

 I am writing to confirm that he is a very honourable and hardworking individual whom for a short period of time manage to bring our website at first page on Google search engine.
Mr Arapchev has also done some changes and alterations on our website. I have had business with others in the past and I am confident to say that he has been very correct and responds to every our request rapidly.
I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Arapchev to anyone. I am very pleased with the great services and accuracy of his work.
Mr. P Pavlov
Build On Time
1 Grebe,    Broadhead Strand,     London,     NW9 5PS
Tel: 0208 205 2018    Mob: 07966755637
Web:  www.buildontime.co.uk
Email: builontime@live.com
Company Number: 7372820
Registered for England and Wales

I would like to thank Mr. Arapchev and the whole team of Idea STUDIO

On behalf of Nesi-5 Ltd., I would like to thank Mr. Arapchev and the whole team of Idea STUDIO for their professional work and dedication in mapping our company’s Website.
We are very happy with its structure, attributes and all components. The Website proved to be a good source of information and an efficient advertising tool.
We wish Idea STUDIO good luck in all their future endeavours!

Kalina Milyoteva, ‘Nesi-5’
Sales & Marketing Manager