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Idea Studio is SEO agency at evolution awards 2013
Idea Studio is awarded as a SEO agency at Evolution Awards 2013 Bulgaria

Need More Traffic, Targeted Visitors and Devoted People? Meet Idea Studio, the SEO Guys!

Welcome to Idea Studio Company where excellent organic search engine optimization is done. We ensure quality web design, offer you web programming and create web pages for your company websites and web portals. E-stores and e-commerce also hugely gains from our work.
We got a long history in the production of these services; right from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, where we are situated, to Romania, Turkey, Greece, USA, UK, France and the international online customers that we serve. We help your organization to develop a good and solid reputation and hence more traffic, more sales, and profits.
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Get the ultimate SEO services

SEO brings you targeted clients. We offer different types of services that make your website reputable. 3 only safe /white hat/ methods are employed. They include:

•    On page optimization

Content analysis – ensure that the content has the right keywords; those that are turned into answers immediately in the search engines.
Fresh creation of content
Brand presence
SEO audit services
Provision of new ideas and website analysis and improvements

•    Off page optimization

Building links and link analysis; quality of links, the number of links and the text pointing to your site.
Social reputation- we check prominence of your content and how it is shared on social networks.
Trust – no more piracy flagging, a creation of quality domain history and customization of ads for your site to stand out.

•    Monitoring the competitors

We give reports on the SEO performance of your competitors and help to monitor bad links, created by them.

Above all, we offer web design and web hosting services. If you feared that your e-store, e-commerce site of your firm doesn’t have a website, we are the solution. We shall help you to get a flourishing site. Remember that we do 100% manual work. There is no room for mistakes -a mark of quality. So here, you never worry about spamming and anything related to inorganic SEO.

Respect and trust – Our top values

We accord the highest level of respect in the relationship with our customers. Our clients have confidence in us and take Idea Studio as that platform to cure all website SEO maladies. It is our responsibility to create a revolutionary environment for you to improve traffic directed to your website and consequently more profit inflows. Trust us too and reap the fruits of SEO.

Search engine optimization

SEO is a process of improving a web-site: its structure, internal arhitecture, its connection to search engines and social media.
SEO brings you traffic and money.

Our SEO service includes:

  • 1. On site optimization

    – seo analysis /audit/

    – content analysis

    – web -site improvements

    – ideas and suggestions

    – content creation

  • 2. Off site optimization

    – link analysis

    – social signals analysis

    – link building

    – RSS usage

    – maps usage

    – App

  • 3. Competitors monitoring

    – competitors watching

    – bad links monitoring


Read here about our SEO service.

Scope of our SEO services

Over the years we have worked or we are working on optimization for Google for online projects in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Russia, the Netherlands, Finland, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore, the Arab world, Nigeria.

Borislav Arapchev