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Idea Studio is awarded as a SEO agency at Evolution Awards 2013 Bulgaria
Idea Studio is awarded as a SEO agency at Evolution Awards 2013 Bulgaria

From Web to SEO

Back in 2004, I made my own “corporate website” called Idea Studio. At that time only a few people had their own computer, while the Internet was via a telephone /dial-up/.

In the Internet Café I sat down to search for my website in Google. It was not on the first page. I had patience and I found it 2 hours later on the 40th page searching it by the keyword “Idea Studio”.

I was totally upset. Who will be able to find me there – I myself barely endured, let alone … the clients!!!??

I had two options – either to give it all up or to start to learn and understand how this all works / I had no idea at that time what is its name! /.

I started to develop websites and the good ranking sometimes was achieved by chance – a business website for air conditioners made by me was ranked first because I put a link to it in our ads portal MalkiObyavi.com /very popular/.

So – trial and error, searching, reading, Submit your URL to Google …

In 2007, I registered a company named Idea Studio Ltd. and since then I work in it.

Website development began to go hand in hand with search engine optimization as inevitably everyone who orders a website wants to get ranked in Google and to be easily found.


Ognyan Mladenov /SEOM/ rewards Borislav Arapchev for The Best SEO question at Webit Sofia 2009
/Photo Oggin.net/


Gradually, the optimization became even more interesting to me, so I decided to concentrate on it – it assumes an inexhaustible creative process, it constantly changes /yes, it can also be a curse 🙂 / and it is a great challenge to me.

Now, it is my main and only focus, as it combines programming, design, marketing, user experience, philology, behavioral patterns, etc.

So how can we not be interested in SEO? 🙂

So you are at the right place – people who love their work!:)

Borislav Arapchev