Contact us via Skype

Now you are able to contact Idea STUDIO team via the free internet telephony Skype.

You can contact our online support for a free web-site development quote, advice or information.

At the bottom of each page of our web-site you will find a ‘Skype me’ – button. Clicking on it will call us via…

Nesi-5’s web site finished

Nesi-5 Ltd.’s web site is finished. Idea STUDIO team developed a web-site with news, products, useful links and company info sections.

Most of the sections are ‘dynamic’ – with admin panels, so Nesi-5’s staff easily can maintain and edit the content.

You can visit the web-site at:


Shaker Adv.’s new web-site

Idea STUDIO received a new order – to redesign and change the structure of Shaker Advertising’s web-site

You can visit it at:

Shaker adv. is official representative of ‘Master Italia’ and ‘KeyOne accesories’ trade marks for Bulgaria. The firm is dealing with caps, hats a…

Google loves us!

Try searching for ‘programming studio’ with Google and one of the first results out of 3,740,000 ones is … Idea STUDIO – that’s us!

Try searching for ‘lak’, typed in Cyrillic (‘varnish’/’paint’ in Bulgarian) and one of the first results is Ewert Lak Ltd. – one of our clients.

Try searching…

Ewert-Lak’s web-site

Idea STUDIO started working on german firm Ewert – Lak’s web-ste. Ewert – Lak is specialized in painting and polishing metal and plastic materials and goods. The German firm is in partnership with Uvex Austria, Ruwido Austria, Otto Hannesschlaeger Austria, Otto Laib Germany, Liebherr Hausgeraete Bg,…

Ancient Plovdiv’s web-site

Idea STUDIO signed a new web-site building contract – with municipal institute “Ancient Plovdiv”. The Ancient Plovdiv is more than 8000 years old town so Idea STUDIO team is very proud of this honour.

Short info:
Plovdiv emerged as a real town in the 12 th c. BC. The ancient Greek writers asc…