Quick guide for generating copyrighted content

How to enrich and expand the site with unique content and copyrighted publications:

News / Blog
News about the company or analysis of industry trends.

Client Case Studies
New clients, old clients, what you do for them, how you solve their problems and satisfy their  needs.

Tips / How to …
The most common advice on any topic in your industry.

Reviews / Opinions
Comments from satisfied customers.

Guidelines / Instructions
Guidelines for management / storage of your product or how to apply / of the product  after purchase, if  you offer service – tips after the service is ordered.

Interview / s with specialist / in your area. Start with an interview with the manager of the company.

Questions / FAQ
Questions to you by phone or  email – create a Section for them and there reply to every question.

Contests for people who have used your product or service – stimulate competition /viral potential/  – Encourage customers to send photos of the product /service/  they have been ordered.

Video presentation of the product / service, video reviews, etc ….

Forum to your site (but think about time for moderating the forum).

Comments about your products – best use  Google plus comments!

How to write text for SEO purposes

1. Title

Write interesting and eye-chatching  title, because it ‘s the first thing the user sees , but avoid overexposure of the form: Shock! Lady Gaga naked in the subway , or something. The truth is that these titles are quite effective, but they are talking about yellow and poor quality web-site.

The use of numbers in the title is a good solution. Easier to read and remember.

Unleash your imagination , but let the title match the content of the text.


2 . Text

Human readable text, pal. Make it interesting, fun, to be pleasant to read. Read it again, by yourself. Like it?


3 . Synonyms

Bump and not stuffed with keywords – this approach has long been harmful , and makes the material nuisance to people , and from there – and Uncle George (aka Google ) . Instead, use synonyms – cleaning , clean, cleanliness, freshness , glamor , beauty, hygiene , etc. ………


4 . Bold, italic

Make the important parts of the text bold or italic. The words that you work with mobile , instead of link them underline them, focus thus to them. Google likes lists , do those somewhere in the text , where appropriate :

  • – this
  • – that
  • – thirdly
  • – fifth


5 . Links

Yes, you will put links. But in text of 300 words put at most two . One is internal – or to the home site , or to a specific page of a product or service. Let the other is an external link to a strong and trusted source – Wikipedia, another powerful and popular website or Google search.

And no, you don’t  advertise on Wikipedia , it will help you and you need and benefit from this relationship!


6 . Mentions

Try text to mention people , company , product or service for which they write. Just say it normal. You can mention other sites, places, events or people related to the topic, a link to them if you have a Google Plus account ( best) .


7 . Call to action


Well, you do have to sell, and finally do not forget this – remind, invite to action.

And … let’s share the text you begin … now!


Idea Studio is a founding member of the Bulgarian Association for digital marketing

38568_badm100pxlogoWe at Idea Studio are happy to announce that our company is a founding member of the Bulgarian Association for Digital Marketing  (BADM).

BADM aim is to support the development of online business in all its forms in Bulgaria, to introduce quality standards and establish best practices for fair and effective marketing in the Internet environment.

The establishment of the Association is responsibility  of companies ORM.BG, SEOM, Cloxy, Optimization.BG, Inbound.BG and Idea Studio.

More about the Bulgarian Association for digital marketing read at the address below:


SEO for Telefonkatalogen.biz / Mdhuset AS


Idea Studio is working on Search Engine Optimization /SEO/ for the web-site of Telefonkatalogen.biz.

We ‘ll check the web-site architecture, web-site ability for crawling by search bots / spiders,  connection of Telefonkatalogen.biz with the search engines and social media presentation of the content.

Mdhuset AS is one of Norway’s foremost players in its industry and was created in 2004 with the aim to help clients become more visible on the internet. The company got new owners in 2012 and has since focused on the quality of products supplied, as well as quality in the process of signing of contracts. No one can become a customer of ours unless they sign a written contract and in addition, we make an audio recording.

Mdhuset AS and Telefonkatalogen.biz offers all its customers the hosting of the website, new website if you have not, inquiries across mobile and online, visibility of the places with the local newspapers, visibility at many of the largest websites in Norway and visibility in metropolitan newspapers in addition to the optimization of search engines.

Participation in Travel Camp Elena 2014

travelcampfinal300x205Idea Studio Company will participate in the seminar for online marketing Travel Camp Elena 2014, which will be held on 28 June in the beautiful and green mountain town of Elena. Manager of the company Borislav Arapchev will deliver a lecture on the topic: How to create unique content (at our website).

Tourism as a year-round business sector in Bulgaria is very important for the economy of Bulgaria and its development can only help the development of the country.
Web presence is extremely powerful marketing channel and this workshop will be considered where, how and what to present in the global environment.

We invite you to visit free seminar and enjoy the beautiful views in the city of Elena and the surrounding area.

Special thanks to the organizer of Dessislav Kuzmanov from NewRank.


Our client Rocktopia is on the first page of Google in several European countries and the U.S.

rocktopia.euWe are happy to announce that after several months of hard work on the SEO services from our side our client Rocktopia is on the first page of Google in several European countries – namely –

Google France
Google UK
Google Germany
Google Italy
Google Spain
Google Russia
Google Finland
Google Sweden
Google Norway
Google U.S.

different key phrases, some of which are –

artificial rockwork
artificial caving system
naturalistic habitats

and others.

Rocktopia designs and builds are unique wall art, waterfalls, caves, climbing walls and habitats for amusement parks.

The company has successful projects implemented in Bulgaria and abroad.


Discount code for online services of Monitor Backlinks

mbindexIdea Studio is pleased to offer its customers, colleagues, and friends a good opportunity for discount for the online services of Monitor Backlinks.

Use this code at payment :


You will be able to use online tool 3 months for the price of 1 month (67 % discount) .

Monitor Backlinks is a very good Internet Tool that tracks new links to your website and notify you via email of such .

Since some of them can be poor or spam links – that can hurt your performance on Google and thus you have the possibility to act quickly.

Another good feature is that you can discover how your competitors or colleagues in the industry receive new hyper- links and get new ideas for it.


Thank you letter to Idea Studio

Team of Valantin 2012 Ltd would like to express a gratitude to the Idea Studio .

Since 2011, working with Borislav Arapchev in various projects, I can say only one thing:
– Idea Studio are real professionals
– Idea Studio are responsive
– Idea Studio know what they do

Nowadays, there are fewer people with experience , especially with professional skills in their field . I’m glad I came across this in the face of Borislav
Arapchev. Excellent results came – we did not assume that all this is possible! Thank you , Bobby !

Date: 26.04.2014


Nicola Minkov

Owner of Valantin 2012 Ltd

Will certainly continue to work with you

marulka-logoRecently working with Borislav Arapchev but unhesitatingly recommend it to you as a professional and as a person. Besides being a very loyal partner, he is a proven professional with a stable image and successful projects.

Communications are easy and enjoyable.
Will certainly continue to work with Bobby and our other projects because the results come quickly and professionally.

Sonya Atanasova


Gardeniti.com is ready!


The website Gardeniti.com is ready.

From company Gardeniti are very happy and expressed their joy of our work and the end result.

The site displays PDF catalogs of the company and a large base of their range of furniture for indoor and outdoor use.

Management of the site is done entirely by them. Used CMS – Drupal.

Work on site is common work of companies Idea Studio and Seo web design Ltd.