Ezra Ogeto – copywriter

Ezra Ogeto
Ezra Ogeto

Ezra Ogeto is an ardent freelance writer. He has been a ghost writer, web content writer and SEO copywriter for more than 1 ½ years. He has attended the University of Nairobi School of Economics. He is a receptive guy who is ready to help his clients.

He is a religious football fan and enjoys watching rugby. Ezra likes listening to country music, blues and other genres. He is an outgoing guy who loves hiking and making human noise with friends.


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Borislav Arapchev

Borislav Arapchev

The CEO of Idea Studio Ltd. Borislav Arapchev /with University diploma for Ecology / has taught courses on SEO Conference 2011, 2013 and 2014  at Sofia, a lecture at SEO Optimization seminar 2011  Plovdiv, also participated as a lecturer in 2011 software Telerik Academy and speaker at  e-Manager 2013.

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Borislav is Google Local Guide Level 9.



List of lectures – Borislav Arapchev




SEO Conference 2011 – Sofia

Lecture: “The mobile version: a plus for SEO optimization”


Workshop on “SEO optimization” – Plovdiv

Lecture: “SEO Search Engine Optimization”


SEO lecture at the Telerik Academy

Lecture: “Website Creatio and Optimization – SEO”



SEO Conference 2013 – Sofia

Lecture: “Use of RSS”


Workshop E-Manager 2013 – Plovdiv

Lecture: “link building”


SEO Conference 2014 – Sofia

Lecture: “How to create unique content. Our daily work to support optimization. Where, how, ideas, and examples. ”



Workshop on Online Marketing Travel Camp Elena 2014Elena

Lecture: “How to create unique content” (in our website)

WorkshopThe Smart City and the Information Society” – Plovdiv

Lecture: “Semantic search in Google – up to date algorithm”


Specialized Workshop – Plovdiv

Lecture: “Development of digital competences in the social enterprises of/for people with disabilities”



SEO Conference 2015 – Sofia


Lecture: “Saving the website affected with negative external influence. Case studies”


SEO Training for non-professionals – Plovdiv

Lecture: “Basic methods of SEO optimization, efficient techniques for ranking of the website”



Joomla Day 2016 Plovdiv

Lecture: “Good SEO techniques in social networks”



Digital4Plovdiv Plovdiv

Lecture: Off page optimization /Link Building




eComm Congress 2017 – Sofia

Lecture: “How to sell pharmaceutical  products online”


DigiZara 2017 – Stara Zagora
Lecture: “Quality content   – a guarantee for success”












Welcome to Idea Studio

Success comes when there is mutual trust !

Borislav Arapchev
Borislav Arapchev

Working on a project – building a personal or company website , online store and / or optimize them for search engines ( SEO / SEO) – is a bilateral process that successfully completes an important role as a company to which you have assigned this important task , and you , the Customer .

Our working philosophy includes the proper treatment and respect to you and your ideas to realize , using the most reliable and proven effective universal technologies in web programming, web design and web optimization.

Since we expect active cooperation , trust and patience during the work process.

Thank you in advance !

Borislav Arapchev
Idea Studio  Ltd.