Are you listening to your customers for SEO?


We listen to them – their goals, inspirations, ideas. We discuss and comment on our strategy . Together in conversation and analysis , we can choose and implement the best concept for success.


When customers say –

  • – Let’s buy for $ 20 – 1000 links to our site
  • – Site of X is very successful, let’s copy this website , and we will become successful like them
  • – I liked the software for automatically submitting our site to directories, I’m going to buy it
  • – Please, points all the links to
  • – etc…


From suspicious locations or poor sites they have read and heard about the dangerous and harmful spammy SEO methods that years ago gave results.  But now – it’s not working and it’s even harmful.

If you want to ruin your site, do not have to hire us and pay for it . You can do it yourself.

But if you want a result – please trust us . We know what helps and what – no.

It’s not about – which of our parties will overbear /you or me/ , this is a deep knowledge of the process and it needs to constantly monitor the trends in SEO. They are not static and require activity and flexibility , and undergo frequent changes .

The fact is that most successful projects are of our clients who have left process of optimization 90% to us – we do it without them , we say what and how to do.

And we want you to be from our successful clients.

What guarantee could you provide me for optimizing my site for Google?

If my idea is to tell you what you want to hear, and at any cost to receive your order and take your money – yes, I would give a guarantee for SEO optimization.

But any honest SEO specialist cannot afford to give you any guarantees. And it’s not because he does not want , but because of the nature of the process.

So let us explain.

There are 3 parts interacting during Search engine optimization process.

  1. – You and your website.
  2. – We and our knowledge, work, our service.
  3. – Google and its algorithm.

We could influence the first and second parameter and everything here depends on us.

But as far as Google algorithm is concerned  – we follow the instructions given by Google and we hope this works.

The difficult moments here are two:

  1. – Google does not reveal much of the process and we only partially know what to do
  2. – Google change this algorithm quite often  and methods effective yesterday – today no longer work (Reference – Google Panda Update and Google Penguin Update). That is – it all depends on a third part independent of you and us.


Here is a clear and very vivid example given by our colleague Ivo Apostolov:

A farmer (part 1) plants wheat (part 2).

He knows what to do – plants, manures, but depends on weather / nature (part 3).

Even if he does all the things right, there is no guarantee for his success. There may not be enough rain, or there may be too much rain or hail may destroy the crops. After all, his success depends mainly on the third factor – the nature – and he cannot influence on it.

We can not guarantee that Google will not change the criteria by which sites are ranked in SERP for a word or phrase. In fact Google change these criteria over 300 times a year. And this affects search results.

This is our profession – SEO optimization.

Therefore, although I am aware that after reading this you might decide not to  choose us, I am honestly telling you:

I do not want to lie to you. No, I cannot give you a guarantee.
But I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve the best desired result!