New contributor to our team

Svetla Yordanova
Svetla Yordanova

We at Idea Studio are happy to announce that our team is expanding with another collaborator – the author of the content (copywriter) Svetla Yordanova.

Padded with journalistic education and  in deep passion  of useful and successful SEO texts Svetla  writes publications how to sell sand in the desert or snow to Eskimos.

Hopefully, his articles will be interesting for all.


Prize for the first to ask a question at SEO Conference 2014

SERP Parser Pro

The first visitor, who asked a question to the speakers at the end of SEO Conference 2014 will receive an award from the Manager of Idea Studio Ltd. – Borislav Arapchev .

The prize is a one-year license for the Russian software to determine the positions of the website in search results on Google – SERP Parser Pro.

We hope in this way to stimulate the activity of the participants in the conference and make one of them more successful!

SEO Conference 2014

Borislav Arapchev will be a speaker at SEO Conference 2014

SEO conference 2014 Sofia
SEO conference 2014 Sofia

The manager of Idea Studio Ltd. Borislav Arapchev will be a speaker at SEO Conference 2014 which will be held on April 4, 2014 at Inter Expo Center Sofia .

The topic of his lecture will be :

Ways to create unique content. Our daily work to help the optimization. Where, how, ideas, examples.

This entirely practical and very useful event will be familiar with the techniques and ideas for successful presentation of your business in the internet space.

More about the event, you will learn the address below.

Idea Studio is choosen for SEO agency of Forbes Bulgaria for 2013

Idea Studio is choosen for SEO agency of Forbes Bulgaria for 2013

Fof first time in Bulgaria there is a ceremony for E-volution Awards 2013 of Forbes Bulgaria with the help of  digital agency E-act.

Idea Studio is SEO agency at evolution awards 2013
Idea Studio is awarded as a SEO agency at Evolution Awards 2013 Bulgaria

I was very exited and happy to know, that Idea Studio Ltd is choosen to be awarded as a SEO agency.

It’s a question of big honor for me and it make me wanna work even more hard!


I’d like to thank my colleagues and partners in the SEO branch in Bulgaria.

Ognian Mladenov /

Kalin Vasilev /

Gennadiy Vorobyov /

Vasil Toshkov  /

Stoyan Stanev

Banko Stoianov

Andrei Dimitrov /

Plamen Tomov

Evgeni Yordanov

Tomislav Savov

Peter Marinov

Boris Lukanov ,


Dimitar Georgiev

Vyara Angareva

and our team –

Maria Todorova

Kristiyan Katsarov

and my inpiration –

Nadezhda Todorova !


Also :

Ivo Iliev,

на Hristo Atanasov

и на хостинг машините

Dragomir Zhelev / Katya Todorova Metodi Drenovski Lyubomir Rusanov / Alexander Atanasov /

И на

Пламен Петров

Благовест Динков

Yavor Syarov
Thank you all!