How to write text for SEO purposes

1. Title

Write interesting and eye-chatching  title, because it ‘s the first thing the user sees , but avoid overexposure of the form: Shock! Lady Gaga naked in the subway , or something. The truth is that these titles are quite effective, but they are talking about yellow and poor quality web-site.

The use of numbers in the title is a good solution. Easier to read and remember.

Unleash your imagination , but let the title match the content of the text.


2 . Text

Human readable text, pal. Make it interesting, fun, to be pleasant to read. Read it again, by yourself. Like it?


3 . Synonyms

Bump and not stuffed with keywords – this approach has long been harmful , and makes the material nuisance to people , and from there – and Uncle George (aka Google ) . Instead, use synonyms – cleaning , clean, cleanliness, freshness , glamor , beauty, hygiene , etc. ………


4 . Bold, italic

Make the important parts of the text bold or italic. The words that you work with mobile , instead of link them underline them, focus thus to them. Google likes lists , do those somewhere in the text , where appropriate :

  • – this
  • – that
  • – thirdly
  • – fifth


5 . Links

Yes, you will put links. But in text of 300 words put at most two . One is internal – or to the home site , or to a specific page of a product or service. Let the other is an external link to a strong and trusted source – Wikipedia, another powerful and popular website or Google search.

And no, you don’t  advertise on Wikipedia , it will help you and you need and benefit from this relationship!


6 . Mentions

Try text to mention people , company , product or service for which they write. Just say it normal. You can mention other sites, places, events or people related to the topic, a link to them if you have a Google Plus account ( best) .


7 . Call to action


Well, you do have to sell, and finally do not forget this – remind, invite to action.

And … let’s share the text you begin … now!


Borislav Arapchev

The manager of Idea Studio Ltd. Mr. Borislav Arapchev has taught lectures at SEO Conference Sofia 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015, a lecture at the seminar SEO Optimization 2011 in Plovdiv, e-Comm 2017, also participated as a speaker at 2011 software Telerik Academy and e-Manager 2013.Idea Studio Ltd. is the first SEO company in Bulgaria awarded as a SEO agency at Forbes Bulgaria Evolution Awards 2013.

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