SEO and authorship

goog-820x615In the process of your successful SEO strategy it will be important for you to become an authority on Google and keep this authority. This means to be an author of quality and useful materials and protect this authorship – from theft and for Google.

Here are a few points that you should follow.

Swift, bold, skillful

The first is always first. But you need to notify about this Google mostly. Otherwise you risk someone else /older and reputable website/ to rank with copy of your article. For this reason after posting text –

1. Make a Ping

This means notification  of the search engines  that you have new material – they will come and record it to show it in search. Some web CMS (WordPress , for example ) do this automatically , so then you do not have to do that.

2 . Share the story

The second important step you can to demonstrate and prove that the material appeared to you first , to share the post in the right social network – Google+. Then you and other smaller social networks – Diigo, Delicious, Pinterest, Twitter. Some of them are partners of Google ( as Diigo) and provide search engine data about what they publish . So it is important to show the material you have in many diverse places such as these.

Be the Author

But good post is important and you as an author to be an authority or to build over time as such in its field. To do this,  do two things:

1. Use in your site Google Authorship

This is a technique that will show the search engines that the original was written by you. But that does not automatically make you a valuable author. So go to step 2 .

2 . More important and more difficult thing – to be active , be helpful with your materials , help,  inform, create friendships and support them.

Friends want attention, support and respect. Grow in their field, become better , reading progresses. And texts will become more useful , and you will get the status of author with A.


It is important not to let technical stealing your content and it comes out in other sites entirely . For that purpose – if your site has RSS feed, shorten the text there, publish in the feed only a snippet of the material. Otherwise you risk other strong sites to rank better  in SERP with your materials.


Does not save you completely , but keep your materials to a large extent, if you put a DMCA or Copyscape banner in the HTML of your site . There are some other alternatives . These sites record and keep by copying your posts and increase your rating – originality is always valuable . And some of them give you a good link,  which all enjoy,  right?  🙂


Borislav Arapchev

The manager of Idea Studio Ltd. Mr. Borislav Arapchev has taught lectures at SEO Conference Sofia 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015, a lecture at the seminar SEO Optimization 2011 in Plovdiv, e-Comm 2017, also participated as a speaker at 2011 software Telerik Academy and e-Manager 2013.Idea Studio Ltd. is the first SEO company in Bulgaria awarded as a SEO agency at Forbes Bulgaria Evolution Awards 2013.

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