Speed up an WordPress site without plugins

The idea of ​​lightening and improving the speed of a WP site by loading it with optimizing plugins is mildly “stupid”. They do some work, but some or all of them slow down speed and from there the benefit is not so good globally.

I present 2 sample sites that do not have any plug-ins for speed and optimization, and even the first one has only one single plugin /for Contact form/.



Here’s a picture from the admin panel of  our  Idea Studio web site plugins page –




Nice, huh 🙂

Okay, but how do we actually improve site speed? Here it is!


1. Proper Apache Modules


Most hosts have them and they are active – these are:

a / Apache Mod deflate / http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/mod/mod_deflate.html / or the old Mod Gzip / http://www.schroepl.net/projekte/mod_gzip / – compresses the site and significantly reduces its volume without changing the visible part

b / Apache Mod Expires / http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/mod/mod_expires.html / – includes caching of selected parts of the site – mostly permanent elements – logo, background, fonts, JS and the like, which remain unchanged for a long time.


2. The correct .htaccess file


In order for these modules to work and be active for the site, we need to switch them ON through the .htaccess file.


Here is his sample code HERE.

/Attention! Ask about that your hosting provider first!!/

The above sites are configured in this way and the result is pretty good. If you’ve played manually to follow the recommendations of Google Page Speed Insights Tool, you can achieve very good speed.

I wish you good luck!!




Borislav Arapchev

The manager of Idea Studio Ltd. Mr. Borislav Arapchev has taught lectures at SEO Conference Sofia 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015, a lecture at the seminar SEO Optimization 2011 in Plovdiv, e-Comm 2017, also participated as a speaker at 2011 software Telerik Academy and e-Manager 2013.Idea Studio Ltd. is the first SEO company in Bulgaria awarded as a SEO agency at Forbes Bulgaria Evolution Awards 2013.

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