Will certainly continue to work with you

marulka-logoRecently working with Borislav Arapchev but unhesitatingly recommend it to you as a professional and as a person. Besides being a very loyal partner, he is a proven professional with a stable image and successful projects.

Communications are easy and enjoyable.
Will certainly continue to work with Bobby and our other projects because the results come quickly and professionally.

Sonya Atanasova


Prize for the first to ask a question at SEO Conference 2014

SERP Parser Pro

The first visitor, who asked a question to the speakers at the end of SEO Conference 2014 will receive an award from the Manager of Idea Studio Ltd. – Borislav Arapchev .

The prize is a one-year license for the Russian software to determine the positions of the website in search results on Google – SERP Parser Pro.

We hope in this way to stimulate the activity of the participants in the conference and make one of them more successful!

SEO Conference 2014

Borislav Arapchev

Borislav Arapchev

The CEO of Idea Studio Ltd. Borislav Arapchev /with University diploma for Ecology / has taught courses on SEO Conference 2011, 2013 and 2014  at Sofia, a lecture at SEO Optimization seminar 2011  Plovdiv, also participated as a lecturer in 2011 software Telerik Academy and speaker at  e-Manager 2013.

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Borislav is Google Local Guide Level 9.



List of lectures – Borislav Arapchev




SEO Conference 2011 – Sofia

Lecture: “The mobile version: a plus for SEO optimization”


Workshop on “SEO optimization” – Plovdiv

Lecture: “SEO Search Engine Optimization”


SEO lecture at the Telerik Academy

Lecture: “Website Creatio and Optimization – SEO”



SEO Conference 2013 – Sofia

Lecture: “Use of RSS”


Workshop E-Manager 2013 – Plovdiv

Lecture: “link building”


SEO Conference 2014 – Sofia

Lecture: “How to create unique content. Our daily work to support optimization. Where, how, ideas, and examples. ”



Workshop on Online Marketing Travel Camp Elena 2014Elena

Lecture: “How to create unique content” (in our website)

WorkshopThe Smart City and the Information Society” – Plovdiv

Lecture: “Semantic search in Google – up to date algorithm”


Specialized Workshop – Plovdiv

Lecture: “Development of digital competences in the social enterprises of/for people with disabilities”



SEO Conference 2015 – Sofia


Lecture: “Saving the website affected with negative external influence. Case studies”


SEO Training for non-professionals – Plovdiv

Lecture: “Basic methods of SEO optimization, efficient techniques for ranking of the website”



Joomla Day 2016 Plovdiv

Lecture: “Good SEO techniques in social networks”



Digital4Plovdiv Plovdiv

Lecture: Off page optimization /Link Building




eComm Congress 2017 – Sofia

Lecture: “How to sell pharmaceutical  products online”


DigiZara 2017 – Stara Zagora
Lecture: “Quality content   – a guarantee for success”