Quick guide for generating copyrighted content

How to enrich and expand the site with unique content and copyrighted publications:

News / Blog
News about the company or analysis of industry trends.

Client Case Studies
New clients, old clients, what you do for them, how you solve their problems and satisfy their  needs.

Tips / How to …
The most common advice on any topic in your industry.

Reviews / Opinions
Comments from satisfied customers.

Guidelines / Instructions
Guidelines for management / storage of your product or how to apply / of the product  after purchase, if  you offer service – tips after the service is ordered.

Interview / s with specialist / in your area. Start with an interview with the manager of the company.

Questions / FAQ
Questions to you by phone or  email – create a Section for them and there reply to every question.

Contests for people who have used your product or service – stimulate competition /viral potential/  – Encourage customers to send photos of the product /service/  they have been ordered.

Video presentation of the product / service, video reviews, etc ….

Forum to your site (but think about time for moderating the forum).

Comments about your products – best use  Google plus comments!

New contributor to our team

Svetla Yordanova
Svetla Yordanova

We at Idea Studio are happy to announce that our team is expanding with another collaborator – the author of the content (copywriter) Svetla Yordanova.

Padded with journalistic education and  in deep passion  of useful and successful SEO texts Svetla  writes publications how to sell sand in the desert or snow to Eskimos.

Hopefully, his articles will be interesting for all.


Good SEO Basics

After talks with customers and analyzes – of weaknesses in structure, strategy and reasons for the limited growth – that list was born – quick basic checklist for better optimization of your website.


1. Good structure

SEO friendly
– Seo urls
– Maximally flat structure – categories / products
– Minimum JS
– Microdata
– G authorship
– No duplicated pages and titles
– Rel = canonical

2. Communication with search engines

RSS feed
Ping to Google

3. Activity / Content

Unique, interesting and useful description of products / articles !
Unique, interesting and useful news !
Frequent activity – publishing new content

4. Links / Social signals

– Links
– Social signals – Pluses, shares, comments.

To be continued and specified.