SEO for / Mdhuset AS

Idea Studio is working on Search Engine Optimization /SEO/ for the web-site of

We ‘ll check the web-site architecture, web-site ability for crawling by search bots / spiders,  connection of with the search engines and social media presentation of the content.

Mdhuset AS is one of Norway’s foremost players in its industry and was created in 2004 with the aim to help clients become more visible on the internet. The company got new owners in 2012 and has since focused on the quality of products supplied, as well as quality in the process of signing of contracts. No one can become a customer of ours unless they sign a written contract and in addition, we make an audio recording.

Mdhuset AS and offers all its customers the hosting of the website, new website if you have not, inquiries across mobile and online, visibility of the places with the local newspapers, visibility at many of the largest websites in Norway and visibility in metropolitan newspapers in addition to the optimization of search engines.