Thank you letter to Idea Studio

Team of Valantin 2012 Ltd would like to express a gratitude to the Idea Studio .

Since 2011, working with Borislav Arapchev in various projects, I can say only one thing:
– Idea Studio are real professionals
– Idea Studio are responsive
– Idea Studio know what they do

Nowadays, there are fewer people with experience , especially with professional skills in their field . I’m glad I came across this in the face of Borislav
Arapchev. Excellent results came – we did not assume that all this is possible! Thank you , Bobby !

Date: 26.04.2014


Nicola Minkov

Owner of Valantin 2012 Ltd

Borislav Arapchev

The manager of Idea Studio Ltd. Mr. Borislav Arapchev has taught lectures at SEO Conference Sofia 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015, a lecture at the seminar SEO Optimization 2011 in Plovdiv, e-Comm 2017, also participated as a speaker at 2011 software Telerik Academy and e-Manager 2013.Idea Studio Ltd. is the first SEO company in Bulgaria awarded as a SEO agency at Forbes Bulgaria Evolution Awards 2013.

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